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Following the recommendations made in the landmark report Not Now Not Ever – putting an end to domestic and family violence in Queensland, the Queensland government has implemented various strategies with the aim to reduce domestic and family violence in Queensland over the next 10 years.This is great news for Queensland towns such as Cairns where domestic violence affects many families.

Currently, specialist teams have been created within various government departments to prioritise the safety of victims of family violence and their children.Additionally, these teams have been tasked with liaising with each other to ensure that vulnerable people are provided with emergency accommodation, funds, and support services in a timely and practical manner.

Additionally, the government is rolling out various education programs to help change the attitude of Queenslanders to family violence.

Now people in a relevant relationship with the perpetrator of domestic violence can obtain a protection order for five years if they show that it is necessary or desirable for such an order to be made.The Court that makes the order must provide reasons if it elects to make an order for less than five years.

To be in a relevant relationship, a party must show that they were or are engaged, or in an intimate or spousal / couple relationship with the other party, or that they are direct family or in an informal care relationship.

Now interstate orders do not have to be registered in Queensland as they are automatically recognised.Further, New Zealand orders can be enforced here in Queensland if they are registered.

A police officer may issue a police protection notice if the officer reasonably believes that a respondent has committed an act of domestic violence, has been afforded natural justice, and that the notice is necessary or desirable to protect the aggrieved.

Temporary protection orders may also be issued by a court, subject to certain conditions.

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