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Can a Discretionary Trust Protect My Assets During A Divorce?

A widely-held misconception exists where people are led to believe that assets owned by a…

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Can My Ex-Spouse Claim My Inheritance?

When a couple separates, the division of assets is determined at the time of the…

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What Is Parent Alienation In Family Law?

The term ‘parent alienation’ was coined four decades ago, when it was used by legal,…

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How To Get A Court-Ordered Paternity Test

In family law matters where a child’s parentage must be established, a court-ordered paternity test…

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Tenants In Common - How This Can Affect Your Divorce Settlement

When a property is purchased by more than one party, there are two main types…

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False Accusations In Family Law

Family law matters can be complex and when tensions rise poor decisions can be made,…

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