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Understanding Binding Child Support Agreements

Divorce or separation can be financially and emotionally draining, especially with children involved. Services Australia…

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Grandparent's Rights in Family Law

The family unit is dynamic and ever-evolving, often encompassing multiple generations. Grandparents play a crucial…

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Amendments To The Family Law Act: What You Need To Know

The Family Law Act has undergone significant amendments, effective from 6 May 2024. These changes…

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Divorce In The Digital Age

The internet is a useful tool in countless ways, including for accessing information that could…

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Can a Discretionary Trust Protect My Assets During A Divorce?

A widely-held misconception exists where people are led to believe that assets owned by a…

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Can My Ex-Spouse Claim My Inheritance?

When a couple separates, the division of assets is determined at the time of the…

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