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What To Do When A Parent Takes A Child Without Permission

Shared parenting responsibilities can be tricky at the best of times. So, when communication breaks…

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Can My Partner Take Half Of My House?

With the cost of living making it harder for people to live alone, more couples…

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What is a cohabitation agreement and do I need one?

Moving in with a partner can be an exciting next step in any relationship, but…

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At What Age Can A Child Refuse To See Their Parent In Australia?

After a divorce or separation, a child may occasionally express a refusal to see one…

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Tips To Manage Toxic Communication During A Separation

When you are separating or in the process of divorcing your former spouse, communications between…

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Binding Financial Agreement vs Consent Orders

Thanks to film and television most people are familiar with the term ‘pre-nuptial agreement’ (or…

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