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Christmas is a wonderful time of the year when families all come together and everything is peaceful and happy, right? Unfortunately, this is not always the case.  In fact, the festive season is when more couples split up than at any other time of year.

Why is this? Cairns Divorce Lawyers have been helping clients with matters of family law for many years, and there are some things that we have observed:

  • In busy everyday lives, relationship issues and matters can very often get pushed to the back burner. There is so much going on with family, work, kids, activities, etc that it’s easy not to spend real time together, and face the big issues that may be there. At Christmas time we are all together without other distractions and this can bring things that have been lurking in the background to a head.
  • Sometimes in troubled relationships, one or both parties decide to wait until after Christmas so as not to upset the other partner or the children.
  • At Christmas, everyone is finished up with their usual activities, and the ‘normal’ daily structure is gone. Families are in a situation where they spend a lot more time together, and this can inflame tensions and any underlying problems.
  • When it comes to Christmas day, the pressure can really start to ramp up. Families are thrown together, and there can be a sense of obligation to be united and have a great time, we all know that isn’t always the case. If there are existing tensions, a few drinks and a negative comment here or there can set off some really nasty arguments and spilling of home truths and before you know it, one or other party is threatening to go down the legal path.

So, what happens next? The first thing to realise is that once you have decided to separate, it doesn’t have to happen overnight. It’s good to take time to think the critical things through and if possible, discuss it with your partner. If the split does occur over the holiday period, hopefully, you can both decide how to proceed for the rest of that time with least disruption for the children and yourselves, especially if one of you decides to leave the family home.

As most family law firms will be closed over the holiday period, and you may not have access to legal advice immediately, try to remember that:

  • it is just for two weeks
  • your partner will be in the same boat and won’t have legal assistance or advice from a family law firm for that period either
  • The family law courts will also be closed in that time (except for emergencies)
  • it’s not easy for either party to do anything with substantial assets over the holidays if that is of concern

In January, when the festivities are over, and the dust has settled, if you still are sure that you want to separate, Cairns Divorce Lawyers will be here for trustworthy legal advice and to assist with all family law matters.

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