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Why You Need a Lawyer For Your Financial Agreement

As divorce lawyers, we are often asked whether it is necessary to have a lawyer…

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Q&A – Financial Agreements. Everything you need to know

What is a Financial Agreement? A Financial Agreement, or more correctly, a Binding Financial Agreement,…

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Child Custody Disputes in Cairns – 5 things you need to know now

1. You have to attempt to mediate with the other parent Before you, or the…

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How Not to Deal With Child Matters

Do not involve the children All children should be allowed to be just that, children….

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“He Cheated On Me, Now I Get Everything!”  ~ Myth Busting Divorce And Separation

We understand that to find out that your significant other has been unfaithful is a…

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Do I get more of the property settlement if I get the kids?

As family lawyers, one question we are often asked by a newly separated client is…

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