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Do I Need a Prenup? Cairns Family Lawyers Explain Why

In our modern world, we are all aware of prenuptial agreements but often think of…

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Tips to Reduce Legal Costs When Separating

Separation can take a toll on you in many ways; financially, emotionally and even psychologically….

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Getting Divorced - A How To

A marriage is a legal bond between two parties, and a divorce is the official…

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Helping Children Understand Separation

You and your partner may have decided to separate, but, if you have children, you…

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Does The Family Law System Also Have Jurisdiction Over Property Settlements?

The Family Law System: A Brief Overview Family law is a sensitive legal issue and…

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Do I Need to Go to Court to Get a Divorce?

In Australian law, the principle of no-fault divorce was established by the Family Law Act…

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