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Why get a family lawyer involved?

If you have separated, or are about to, your separation lawyer (a family lawyer) can advise you about your legal rights and obligations. Some of the decisions you need to make about property settlement and child custody may have detrimental legal consequences in the future if they are not properly handled.

The earlier you get a family lawyer involved, the better chance you have of protecting your interests – and those of your children, if they are involved.

Our experienced family lawyers will support you throughout the process. We can help with:

  • negotiating with your former partner about property or child custody agreements
  • formalising and implementing your agreements
  • corresponding with your accountant and/or financial advisor to protect your financial interest
  • supporting you through the court process if you can’t reach an agreement with your former partner.

At Cairns Divorce Lawyers, we always aim to avoid the stress, delay and cost of court proceedings. If your matter is in court, we will fight for the best possible outcome in the shortest possible time. 

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